Liebert Super 400D UPS, Liebert Super 400D UPS - 10 - 20 kVA, Liebert Iton 1000 UPS, On / Off Line UPS, Mumbai, India
Liebert Super 400D UPS, Liebert Super 400D UPS - 10 - 20 kVA, Liebert Iton 1000 UPS, On / Off Line UPS, Mumbai, India

Liebert GXT-MT 6/10 kVA UPS
Liebert GXT-MT 1-3 kVA UPS
Liebert ITON 600 UPS
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Liebert SUPER 400D(10/20kVA) UPS

Liebert Super 400D UPS, Liebert Super 400D UPS - 10 - 20 kVA, Liebert Iton 1000 UPS, On / Off Line UPS, Mumbai, India
139,Shanti Industrial Estate,
S. N. Road, Mulund (West),
Mumbai - 400 080,
Maharashtra, India.
Ph.No.: 25649590 / 92 / 93.
Fax. 25649594.
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Liebert Super 400D (10 / 20 kVA) UPS

Next Generation Pollution Free UPS For Critical Load
Liebert super 400D
Features & Benefits:
10,20 kVA Models
Full Digital Signal Processing using the latest DSP technology
Parallel operation for Redundancy
Wide Input Voltage Range
Low Current Harmonic Distortion of less than 5%
Unity Input Power Factor
High Overload and Short-Circuit Capacities
Compatible with Engine Generators
High Reliability for Maximum System Availability
Handles 3:1 Crest Factor Loads
Intelligent Battery Management
LCD Display and Mimic Panel for Real-time information
Output Isolation between UPS and Critical Load

Temperature compensated Battery charging to enhance the Battery life
Battery test facility
Inverter output short circuit protected
Rectifier output short circuit protected
Reverse Phase sequence operation
Auto retransfer facility
Alarms can be stored in the memory
DSP and Dual microprocessor based system
The Liebert Super 400D is a True on line sine wave UPS system that provides the user with clean computer grade power for continues operation of his critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the UPS stream AC power. The System offers many innovative features to give the user maximum reliability and flexibility at the lowest operating cost. With Liebert Super 400D UPS System, You have complete peace of mind.

ICBT Rectifier
Employing the latest rectifier technology, the Super 400D IGBT rectifier offers an input power factor of greater than 0.99, and input current distortion of less than 5%. Therefore it does not pollute the input utility supply or other devices sharing the same utility source.
ICBT Inverter
High speed IGBT inverter gives low output distortion and clean sinusoidal waveform for excellent performance and high reliability.
Digital Signal Processing
The Super 400D uses the most advanced DSP technology. Using high sampling rate possible only with DSP, the system parameters are tightly controlled and maintained throughout the various modes of operation.
Battery Management
Proper testing, charging, discharging and management of the battery system is a very important aspect of the UPS control system. In the Super 400D UPS, the batteries are constantly monitored by an intelligent battery management algorithm.
Paralleling Capability
The Super 400D can be paralleled for redundancy. The units can also be installed in a Hot-Standby configuration for added reliability and flexibility.
Wide Input Voltage Range
The Super 400D features a wide input voltage range which can accept upper input limit of + 15% and can have a lower input limit of - 25%, while still maintaining the specified output stability. This is extremely useful in very poor input power supply situations as the battery energy is not utilized I and can be preserved for more prolonged outages.
Reverse Phase Sequence Operation
In a situation where the Input phase sequencing is not consistent (any change in phase sequence), the UPS automatically adjusts itself and gets synchronised with the Input phase. This feature prevents the battery energy thereby improving backup time and life of the battery.

Input parameters Input Voltage    415, 3-phase , 4 wire
  Input voltage variation +15 %,-25 %
  Input frequency 50HZ
  Input frequency variation +/- 10 %
  Power walk in Progressive over10 seconds
  Power factor at rated load 1.0 (units)
  Operation with reserve phase sequence Possible
Bypass parameter Bypass supply voltage 220/230/240V AC
DC parameter

Nominal DC Bus voltage

356 V
Permissible DC voltage variation 260 V- 410 V

DC bus OV Trip

410 V

End of discharge supported

260 V
Type of batteries float Voltage SMF

Nominal battery float voltage


Max. batt. Charging current

7.0 A

DC ripple

<2% rms

D.C. voltage regulation

Output parameter Output Voltage 220/230/240 VAC 1 Phase


50 HZ
Power rating at 0.8 P.F 10 kVA , 20 kVA
Power rating at1.0 P.F. 8 KW, 16 KW

Overload rating

110% for 60 minutes

125% for 10 minutes

Max. non-linear load permissible 100 % with crest factor of 3:1
Output voltage regulation +/- 1%
Transient response for 100% load changers +/- 10 %
Recovery time 10 millisecond

Freq. stability unsynchronized-

+/- 0.1 %


+- 1HZ
Max. rate of changes of frequency 0.2\0.4 Hz /sec
Output voltage distortion <3% atnon linear load
  <2% at Liner load
Transfer time synchronized- 0 million


20 million


Voltage limits for inv. operation 260 V DC To 410 C

SMF battery-

26 Balock of 12 V each

Float charge voltage

356 VDC
Max. Charging voltage 7.0 A
Mechanical Parameters Height X Depth X Width 1150mm X 650 mm X450 mm
Weight 275 KG


forced-Air coold
Cable entry Front end-Bottom
Color/panel finish structure dark gray
Base castor wheels Yes

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature Ooc to 450c, continuous
Storage temperature Ooc to 70oc

Relative humidity

95% RH


1000 Meters
Temperature Derating 1.5 % procC between 40 & 50oC

Altitude Derating

1 % Per 100m between 1000m - 2000m

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