Liebert GXT - MT UPS, Liebert GXT MT UPS - 1 / 3 kVA, True Online Double Conversion UPS, Lead Acid Batteries, Mumbai, India
Liebert GXT - MT UPS, Liebert GXT MT UPS - 1 / 3 kVA, True Online Double Conversion UPS, Lead Acid Batteries, Mumbai, India
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Liebert GXT-MT 1-3 kVA UPS
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Liebert GXT - MT UPS, Liebert GXT MT UPS - 1 / 3 kVA, True Online Double Conversion UPS, Lead Acid Batteries, Mumbai, India
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 UPS Liebert GXT - MT 1- 3 kVA

  Power Protection for Business Critical Continuity
Liebert GXT-MT 1-3 KVS UPS
Trouble is Coming Down The Line And You Must Be Prepared
Every operation in your business depends upon the instant, around-the clock availability of computers, servers and other electronic systems. If they aren't working, neither is your company.
Every piece of this equipment your company possesses is subject to the whims of the electricity that powers it.
The first step in taking control of this situation is to understand the threats to your system reliability - and exactly what you can do about them.
The Liebert GXT-MT
True Online Double Conversion UPS With Extended Runtime Capabilities
Liebert GXT-MT features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions.
Liebert GXT-MT satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply.
Liebert GXT-MT is available in a compact Tower configuration making it easily deployed in an office or a light industrial application.
Liebert GXT-MT long run model (L) deploys adaptive battery architecture to maximise your valuable rack space utilisation. Application specific battery configuration and placement ensures optimal performance.

Applications Features
Small Size Data Center
Extended Runtime Capabilities
Telecommunication, VoIP Flexible (Site Specific) Battery Configuration
Small Office Network Compact Tower design.
Data Warehouses Generator Compatible
    Class B Electromagnetic interference (EMC)
    Ultra wide input voltage range
    High capacity Battery Charger for CXTL
    High input power factor & low THDi
Excellent performance
True Online Double Conversion UPS with Zero transfer time. The online design ensures no output interruption upon mains failure, ensuring maximum uptime.
Ultra wide input voltage range: 110~300V minimizes the battery discharge frequency, protects the battery capacity, and offers a super output overload capability. The system can maintain the online operation for up to 30 seconds even at 150% overload.
High Capacity battery charging capability: Liebert CXTL- MT is equipped with a 4Amp (1 kVA unit) and an 8Amp (2 and 3kVA unit) charger to ensure fast battery recovery as well as enabling extended battery autonomy.
Electro Magnetic Conduction (EMC) compliant to Class B delivers strong immunity protection levels.
Liebert GXT-MT maintains a low level of Input current THD and highest possible Input power factor (up to 0.97), making it an energy efficient and conservative choice.
High reliability Design
Built-in automatic bypass assures power continuity during maintenance and system fault.
The inverter uses advanced current limiting technology to protect the system against potential output short circuit.
Battery capacity indiactor Flexible Configuration

Extended Run Time ready facilitated through a simple process of building up additional battery resources.

Multiple AC output interfaces via IEC standard sockets

Convenient maintenance

Fault type is clearly displayed for fast troubleshooting.

LED display provides maximum operational convenience when managing the UPS.
Intelligent Management functions
Stronger Battery charger on the CXT L model for quick recharge
Remote Monitoring is available through RS232, and optional via dry contacts and SNMP. The monitoring option software supports TCP/IP with event log and analysis function.
Self-diagnosis and protection enable the auto shutdown of the client terminal or server unde abnormal mains supply or when battery is over discharged.

Technical Specification, Liebert CXT-MT
Module WxHxD (mm) Weight (kg)
Power module GXT1000-MT 145X220X400 14
Power module GXT1000L-MT 145X220X400 7
Power module GXT2000-MT 192X347X460 34.5
Power module GXT2000L-MT 192X347X460 15
Power module GXT3000-MT 192X347X460 35.5
Power module GXT3000L-MT 192X347X460 16
Item Standard Level
ESD immunity
IEC61000-4-2 Level 4
RS immunity IEC61000-4-3 Level 3
EFTB immunity IEC61000-4^ Level 4
Surge immunity IEC61000-4-5 Level 4
Item (for GXTL models)
Standard Level
Limitation of emission of input harmonic currents
Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker
Conducted Emission
EN50091-2 Class B
Radiated Emission
EN50091-2 Class B
Normal range
Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
Less than 90% Condensing
Lower than 1000m; no derating; 1000-1500m; 1 % derating for every 100m rise
Storage temperature
-0°C~40°C (excluding battery)
GXT 1000-MT GXT1000L-MT GXT 2000-MT GXT 2000L-MT GXT3000-MT GXT 3000L-MT
Rating 1000VA/700W 2000VA/1400W 3000VA/2100W
Input Input system
1-phase, plus PE
Rated voltage
220Vac / 230Vac / 240 Vac
Voltage range
1. 160-300 Vac full load 2. 110 Vac half load
50/60 Hz
Power factor
0.97 (conditions: rated voltage, full pure resistive load, fully charged battery)
Output Output system
1-phase, plus PE
Power factor
Voltage 220Vac / 230 Vac / 240 Vac ±2%
Line regulation <_2%(0-100% linear load)
Voltage harmonic distortion (rated input voltage, rated input frequency)
<_3%(0 -100% linear load) <_6%(0 -100% non-linear load)
Dynamic variation
<5% in 20 ms
50 / 60 Hz ±0.2Hz
Frequency range 46-54 Hz/56-64 Hz
Inverter overload capability (in Normal mode, 25°C) 108%-150% 30s >150% 300ms
Inverter overload capability (in Battery mode, 25°C)
108%-150% 30s >150% 300ms
Bypass overload capability
200% for < _ 60 mins
300% for 5s
Crest factor
Bypass operating voltage 80-264V
Transfer time
Normal<- >Battery: 0ms
DC component
< 200mV
External battery voltage 36Vdc 96Vdc
Charging current 1A 4A 1A 8A 1A 8A
Battery Qty. xVolts. xCapacity
3x12Vx7.2Ah   8X12X7.2Ah   8X12X7.2Ah
  Manufacturer / model
CSB/GP1272F2 or
` CSB/GP1272F2
or Panasonic
F2 or Panasonic
  Typical Autonomy Time 12 Minutes   15 Minutes   9 Minutes  
  Autonomy at Half Load
20 Minutes   26 Minutes   16 Minutes
  Charging duration 80% of battery capacity in 4 hrs (standard type)
Noise (within 1m)
GXT1000L-MT, GXT2000L-MT, GXT3000L-MT: <45db

IP20(static state)
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